Perfect Moose

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Smart, automated foamer turning any m*lks into microfoam.

Perfect Moose is the smart steam foamer allowing bars and baristas to turn milk and alternatives of their choice into the silkiest microfoam.

Thanks to smart rfid technology, Perfect Moose automatically recognizes the type and amount of milk you are dosing, and then foams it to top quality microfoam. You can stick to standard settings or adjust texture and temperature as desired.

  1. Pour your milk or plant-based milk of choice into a smart moose pitcher. Up to you how much.
  2. Place the filled pitcher onto the foamer and let go. Barista hands are now free to engage otherwise.
  3. Foam. Perfect Moose starts the steaming process automatically when you put the filled pitcher on. No need to push any buttons.
  4. Ready. Take the pitcher off, pour and you’re done.

The secret lies in the smart rfid technology, enabling the smart Moose pitchers to ‘communicate’ with the Perfect Moose device. All parameters are combined and the steaming cycle is automatically adjusted accordingly.