Carmomaq Roasters

Esp Sto do Pinhal,  SP 
  • Booth: 980

Tireless effort to achieve excellence in the art of roasting: this is how Carmomaq can be defined. A family-owned company established in Brazil 30 years ago, Carmomaq has specialized itself in manufacturing exceptional roasting and grinding equipment over time, always seeking innovation, and research and development. Carmomaq roasting equipment is known for its high quality, great design and cutting-edge technology that enables the user to a complete control of the roasting process and to perfectly replicate the blends developed for each customer. Our product line is diverse in order to cater home roasters, coffee shops, roasteries and industrial lines. Roasters and grinders manufactured in Carmomaq are found all over Brazil, which is among the largest roasting industries on the globe. Carmomaq has also supplied roasting equipment in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania through its network of sales representatives.