Dara Coffee Export PLC Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, 
  • Booth: 1059

As one of the major producers of coffee in Ethiopia, Dara Coffee Export PLC has a proud history of providing quality coffees to the international market. Founded on the principles of bringing fairness and transparency to the coffee value chain while satisfying customer demand, Dara Coffee Export PLC is also a company with heart and vision. We work very closely with coffee growing farmers all around our washing stations because we value our relationships with the farmers. We specialize in coffees sourced from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Guji. Since its inception 20 years ago, Dara has established a track record of fair trading and excellent customer service. The diversified types of Arabica cultivation in the country and its highly suitable environment with high altitudes, good rainfall, and rich volcanic soils yields to the uniquely Ethiopian flavors and aromas that are present in its elegant range of gourmet, specialty, and organic coffee. Coffees are rich in acidity, body, aromatic, and sweet flavored, with a spicy, flora, or mocha taste.