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Handy Brew follows the Direct Immersion Method of Brewing, helps capture the flavor, taste, and aroma of coffee and tea easily and effortlessly... Handy Brew is built with our revolutionary idea - the Patented Amazing Shut Off System, which helps make the entire brewing process such simple. Handy Brew only dispenses coffee and tea when it is placed on top of a cup. Lift up and it stops! Handy Brew creates the easiest way to brew an incredibly rich, robust, and aromatic brew without bitterness, acidity or loose grounds in the cup. There is no skill required when you use Handy Brew to prepare your love coffee and tea. Everyone with no experience at all can enjoy making the perfectly clear coffee and tea with no grinds or leaves in your cup. This innovation is awarded patents worldwide, and wins so many GOLDEN PRIZES in so many different countries in UK(London), Switzerland(Geneva), German(Nurnburg), USA(Pittsburgh), China(Beijing), Taiwan, HK, Singapore, etc...

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