Latte Art Factory

  • Booth: 653

Silky microfoam 
just a tap away

The Latte Art Factory Bar Pro is the 2x award-winning solution every barista and café owner has been waiting for to bring amazing coffee experiences to their customers. This automated milk foamer boasts patented microfoam technology offering precise temperature control and fully customizable settings, delivering the perfect texture for any drink, hot or cold. The compact and efficient design makes it a great addition to cafés of all sizes. This revolutionary product offers a new level of consistency and convenience when it comes to frothing cow's milk, plant milks, and many more! Perfect texture is now easier than ever.  

The Latte Art Factory has been designed to be energy efficient, reduce milk waste, improve baristas’ workflows, and increase speed without compromising quality, keeping baristas happy and customers coming back. It's an absolute game-changer for coffee shops and baristas alike. Say goodbye to bubbly, inconsistent milk and hello to perfectly smooth microfoam every time.