Mx. COOL ( Proch Plastic Co., Ltd. )

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We want your life easier and cooler Let's start with coffee!

Mx. COOL is our newly founded coffee brand, composed of a group of young people with science and engineering backgrounds who share the passion of coffee. We search for technologies from various industries and turn concepts into coffee appliances with convenient, easy-to-use, innovative, cool ideas for consumers. "Mx." can be read as "mix" and is combined with a cool concept, which inspired the name of the brand.

Proch was established in 1999. As one of the Taiwan-based leading manufacturers, and well-developed in the plastics injection industry and CNC precision industry. We like to work with our clients from idea to finished goods, from design to production. We conquered multiple projects and the products range from LED-Display, phone cases, kitchenware, biomedical-related components, and coffee-related inventions. We have corporate with plenty of well-known companies worldwide. 

Brands: Mx. COOL is a coffee brand owned by Proch Plastic, our parent company, and we takes pride in delivering high-quality coffee equipment to our customers.