New York,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2573

NotCo creates delicious plant-based items for foodservice!

NotCo is a sustainability driven B Corp plant-based Food & Beverage company. Using patented A.I. technology to discover unique combinations of plants and vegetables, we produce mouthwatering products in multiple categories that mimic the look, taste, smell, and functionality of traditional animal-based versions.

NotMilk™ Barista is the only plant-based milk that actually tastes like milk and works in multiple café applications: steam it, foam it, blend it, and even make latte art that holds. Available in 32oz and 8oz shelf stable cartons, NotMilk™ products are perfect for all your café needs while using 74% less energy, 92% less water, and generating 74% less CO2 emissions than traditional milk products.

NotChicken™ is crispy & delicious like your favorite chicken, but without the clucks. NotBurger™ is tasty & juicy like your favorite burger, but without the cow. When we discovered removing animals from food production would protect the planet, we didn’t ask WHY, we asked, WHY NOT?!

Brands: NotMilk™: Steams, blends, froths, and cooks like milk, but it's not. NotChicken™: Crispy & delicious like your favorite chicken, but no clucks. NotBurger™: Juicy like your favorite burger, but no cow.