Bucaramanga Santander,  Santander 
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Penagos Hermanos y Compañía S.A.S

We are a Colombian company with over 130 years of commitment to innovation and development of agriculture solutions, which seeks to make the countryside a
sustainable source for all. Thanks to the Engineering, understanding and experience to solve the needs of large and small farmers around the world, we have managed to consolidate our leadership in the production of coffee processing equipment; always efficient, innovative and responsible with natural resources.
Each type of coffee needs a unique and special process, we understood that and have customized our technologies to the different kind of process in the world and
to each producer needs.

More than 40 years ago, we committed ourselves to sustainable coffee farming, creating equipment capable of reducing the water footprint in coffee processing by
99% compared to traditional processing. We have saved more than 1 million litres of water per year and we save 36% of electricity with our technology. We continue to innovate in the world of coffee to generate solutions that improve its processing while being friendly to the environment.

Brands: Penagos Quantik Monte Alegre