Active Wisdoms - CAFEC USA

Torrance,  CA 
United States
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AWC is delivering sustainable products-CAFEC pour over gear.

Active Wisdoms Corporation is delivering sustainable products so that we all could have a great day!!

We are your sustainable lifestyle destination sharing premium products to have a cup of delicious coffee by using CAFEC flower dripper and CAFEC premium coffee paper filters so that coffee lovers can brew coffee easily anytime and anywhere!

By partnering up with a family owned business like CAFEC Japan, we are able to share the same vision our Company has: our high standard of workmanship and creativity. CAFEC has been developing premium paper filters for 50 years and introducing roasting type filters so that paper filters could control water flow and extraction time. We also created eco-friendly filters: CAFEC ABACA filters which are made by the non-wood material ABACA (Manila Hemp) and wood-pulp based on a forestation project. The ABACA fiber is 4 times as strong as that of normal wood pulp though it is half thin of wood fiber. Our ABACA filters use original papermaking technology realizing "Two-Side Crepe" air through dry. We are grateful for nature and workmanship truly.